Funding Resources

Federal Funding Opportunities

Scenic Highway designation has helped many Byway Organizations connect with their communities to raise support in efforts to preserve and promote regional treasures of each byway area. While the Florida Scenic Highways Program does not supply direct funding for those groups desiring designation, FDOT does provide support for helping Byway Organizations find other funding opportunities through informational trainings and webinars. The options presented here include examples of federal funding opportunities groups may consider pursuing.

Transportation Enhancement Funds

The Federal share shall not exceed 80 percent with matching 20 percent coming from State or local funds. However, FDOT is currently eligible to use soft match funds. This allows the Department to increase the Federal share to 100 percent by applying earned toll credits as the State match. Use of these funds must involve projects associated with the development of Corridor Management Plans after eligibility has been determined. For more information, contact your District Scenic Highways Coordinator (see contacts on this web site) or contact the Transportation Enhancement Coordinator at (850) 414-5250.

Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance

The National Park Service assists communities that preserve rivers, protect open space and develop new trails, greenways and parks. For more information, please contact the National Park Service at (404) 562-3175 or

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation currently has several funding opportunities for research projects including projects that include physical acquisitions and improvements to biological field research including data management and communication system implementation.

Farmland Protection Program

The U.S. Federal Department of Agriculture offers funding for the acquisition of conversation easements for the purposes of protecting the agricultural land. For more information, please contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture at (352) 338-9509 or…farmranch/.

Other Federal Funds

Other Federal funds (i.e., Surface Transportation Program) may possibly be used for transportation improvements under the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA21)  These Discretionary Grant Funds can be applied for on an annual basis. The grants have unique criteria for eligible projects.

These funding categories include:

  • Discretionary Bridge Program
  • National Corridor Planning and Development Program and Coordinated Border Infrastructure
  • Ferry Boat Discretionary Program
  • Innovative Bridge Research and Construction Program
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Deployment Incentives Program
  • Commercial Vehicle ITS Infrastructure Deployment Program
  • Interstate Maintenance Discretionary Program
  • Public Lands Highway Discretionary Program
  • Transportation and Community and System Preservation (TCSP) Pilot Program
  • Credit Assistance for Surface Transportation Projects
  • Value Pricing Pilot Program

TEA-21 also provides a Recreational Trails Grant Program and a Sport Fish Restoration Program.

FHWA Discretionary Grant Programs

These discretionary grant programs represent special funding categories where FHWA solicits for candidates and selects projects for funding based on applications received. Discretionary categories include such grant programs as the Transportation and Community System Preservation Pilot Program and the Discretionary Bridge Program, as well as the two other federal sources of funding mentioned above. Each program has its own eligibility and selection criteria that are established by law, by regulation, or administratively at

Recreational Trails Program

This program provides funding to develop and maintain recreational trails for motorized and non-motorized recreational trail users. Eligible projects may include maintenance and restoration of existing trails; development and rehabilitation of trail facilities; purchase/lease of equipment; construction of new trails; acquisition of property for trails or trail corridors; State administrative costs; and the operation of educational programs to promote safety and environmental protection. For more information, contact the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Design and Recreation Services at (850) 488-7896 or…recreational_trails.

Sport Fish Restoration Program

This program provides for the management of fishery resources, conservation, and restoration. For more information, contact the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission at (850) 488-3831 or find information about the Sport Fish Restoration Program at

Wildlife Restoration Program

This program provides funding for the selection, restoration, rehabilitation and improvement of wildlife habitat, wildlife management research, and the distribution of information produced by the projects. For more information on the Wildlife Restoration Program, contact the US Fish & Wildlife Service at (703) 358-2156 or

Other Federal Funds

For information on other federal funds, such as the Surface Transportation Program, contact your District Scenic Highways Coordinator (see contacts on this web site).